Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beef Back Ribs

Rubbed and ready.
We tend to do pork spare ribs around here much more than beef, but you do need a change every once in awhile.

I like a little crispy char, so my ribs get some direct heat time, but not too much when they first go on the grill. Just a little browning and searing before spending most of their grill time completely off the coals and over to the side, with the lid down.

During this time I will check on them occasionally and give them a spritz of vinegar from my BBQ spray bottle.

Near the end of their experience, I tent them with a little foil, sauce them, and let them finish up.

They usually turn out okay.
At least that's what I hear from the lucky munchers.

You could wrap them tighter for a fall off the bone rib, but I like a little chewiness, so I only tent mine and don't let them over cook.


Velva said...

There is nothing better than a rack of pork ribs on the bbq. This rocks. Thanks for sharing.


Hale said...

I wish I had a grill so I could make that it looks so yummy!! Great pictures, they made me hungry :)

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