Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jerk Chicken Chili ... Go Buy Pam Anderson's Book

This stuff was excellent and so darn easy to make.
But, I digress, ... let us begin at the beginning.
A week or two ago, I was heading in to the SWAMP for my motorcycle class early in the morning.
NPR was on in the JEEP and the NPR gal was interviewing a chef about her new book, Perfect One Dish Dinners.
What caught my attention was the name of the author ... Pam Anderson.
The Bay Watch babe was a chef?
Hmmm, silicone is popular in the kitchen these days, perhaps she had found her niche.
But no, the author was not bouncy Pamela,
... it was P-A-M Anderson.
I listened as the miles rolled by, expecting NPR froufrouness, but I found myself agreeing with Ms. Anderson as she talked about cooking meals that tasted great, fed a crowd, and used minimal dishes.
When she got to the chorizo stuffed pork roast that cooks ABOVE black beans and rice in one roasting pan ..., well, she had me.
I popped in to Books-A-Million and grabbed a copy.
After motorcycle class, I hit Publix for the ingredients to "Jerk Chicken Chili" from the book. I made the chili that night.
It was so easy (uses a rotisserie chicken!) and the flavor ... Oh My Goodness, Oh My Goodness. Cinnamon, allspice, jalapenos, thyme, ... dark chocolate!
I hate to tell you how good this stuff was, and then not post the recipe, but I really do believe in copyright protection for authors, and this lady is trying to sell a book, so well, that wouldn't be right.
Let me just say the book is full of great recipe's and the pork roast with black beans will be the next one to fall here at PFHQ.
Here's a lesson about buying the book ... since I've teased you and not given you the recipe.
A few days later, my teacher pal Stacy and I were in a bookstore on our lunch hour. We had some training in Gainesville, so we had an actual HOUR to eat and since we are used to about 20 minutes, we had time to kill.
I had told her about the chili and the book, so we hit Barnes and Noble. She wanted to check it out.
Barnes had it for about the same price I paid, ...$32.
Stacy pulled it from the shelf, whipped out her Droid phone, and scanned the barcode ... WITH HER PHONE!
Up popped an Amazon page with the book at $17!
I felt like a caveman with my flip phone and my almost twice as expensive copy of this excellent book.
But you know what?
I don't care.
This is one great treasure trove of recipes.
I plan to try every one ... well, okay, not the lamb one, but the rest of them.
I don't do baby sheep.
I do love this book though.


Anonymous said...

FC-It was every bit as good as you described! Can't wait to make it!

Anonymous said...

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Dwarka Restaurants said...

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Mama Sue said...

I bought the book "used" on Amazon. So glad I did!! I made the Jerk Chili as soon as I could. So yummy! Thanks for the info FC! I can't wait to try more!