Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cajun Pasta With Stir-fried Fresh Green Beans

It was one of those nights where I needed something good, fast, and fresh. I had arrived home first (as usual) and it was, therefore, my job to make supper happen.

The fridge was looking pretty bare ... the freezer even worse.
There was an almost empty bag of frozen chicken breasts, ... but not enough for my crew. Three breast quarters was close, but a little skimpy for 4 people, one of whom would be arriving after 4 hours of football practice in the August sun.
He could eat 3 of those quarters without pausing to breathe.

Frustrated, but vowing NOT to run into town ... 20 mile round trip, ... I pressed on. Down in the bottom of the freezer were 2 lonely Cajun Boudin Sausage links.

NOW I had a plan.

I browned the cut up chicken and sausage in some EVO and seasoned it with a Cajun blackening mix plus some Tony CaChere seasoning. After it was nicely browned, I tossed in some chopped garlic and splashed some wine into the pan to bring the goodie off the pan bottom and make a sauce.

A dollop of lite sour cream went in next, followed by a can of chicken broth.

In the meantime, I had boiled some rotini and this was dumped into the cast iron pan with the chicken-sausage mixture and stirred around to thoroughly coat it all.
At this point, the heat was turned way down and the mixture rested.

While the pasta dish was resting, I took these beautiful fresh green beans snapped off the stems and stir-fried them in a little sesame oil. I let a few sit to get some searing and when they were almost done, I added a little Teriyaki sauce and whisked them all around in it.
They came off the heat at that point and it was eatin' time.
It all vanished pretty fast so I would say the verdict was a thumbs up.


Florida Beach Basics said...

indeed, this looks very tasty. but I'm still waiting for that mud pie recipe. marge

Anonymous said...

please email me the recipe for this dish, right away! i need it A.S.A.P for my culinary arts presentation.