Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cuban Pork Saute

Here's an easy and really delicious dish from Cooks.com. You can find the recipe here.

So, what follows is not the detailed recipe, but a few shots and comments on the procedure.

You'll start with pork tenderloin. This was a 4 pound roast, so I cut it in two and put the unused portion in the freezer.
The recipe calls for a pound and a half, but a little extra is always good with my crew.

The pork gets cubed into bite-size pieces and then marinates for a day. I only marinated mine for about 6 hours, because I never think of things far enough ahead of time to do the full marinade.

The recipe calls for Italian dressing in the marinade, and since we don't do bottled dressings at PFHQ, I mixed up a batch our heirloom family Italian dressing and shared it between the marinade and the accompanying salad.

All the marinade ingredients get dumped in with the pork and then gooshed around prior to a long trip in the fridge while the meat soaks up all those flavors.

It looked like this and smelled wonderful when I took it out of the fridge to saute it.

Cooking this dish is ridiculously easy.
The marinated pork goes in to a good pan with a little hot oil and in no time it's done.

The recipe called for serving it on white rice, but we have left white rice behind for brown, so that's what it is resting on above.
Add some salad and some of my KILLER Cuban black beans with datil peppers infused throughout ... and you are talking Cuban food lover heaven.

I think even the captain of the Pilar would approve.


debbie said...

That looks delicious. I think that I'll make it this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

Boss Gator said...

FC--If you are ever in the Hollywood Beach area, one of the redeeming features of that megalopolis is Laura's, a Cuban restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard. Look it up and stop by. You'll be absolutely amazed, and I'm very picky about restaurants. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Dani said...

Looks great FC!

Boss Gator said...

OK, I had to try this dish. I used store-bought Italian (Northern Italian something or other). You're right, easy to cook and very flavorful.

Floridacracker said...

Give us your opinion when you do!

Pretty scrumptious!

Glad you liked it. We have a little left in the fridge from last night, but it's doomed!

amarkonmywall said...

This looks almost identical to the meal I had last night, except I got mine at Nachos and Beer. On the one hand it lacked the homemade marinade and datil peppers; on the other hand it was darn good carnitas and the drink special was a 22 ounce margarita for 1.99. What can I say? Oh! Nice cooking there, FC!

kathy a. said...

oh, i didn't see this until now, but it looks delish!