Saturday, January 9, 2010

Post New Years

New Year's Day was a BBQ bash here at PFHQ, and many friends and relatives were fed.
They came, they saw, they ate.
It was good, with really, too much variety in my opinion. As hosts, we often seem to overdo the menu, ignoring the tried and true KISS principle.

I'm going to remember that and lobby for that position the next time we host anything.
We could have scaled the offerings down by a third, and still had plenty of variety.

The next day, when even the overnight guests had gone home, there was an abundance of leftovers to choose from.
I narrowed my selection down to a very southern, very New Yearsy plate.

Turnip greens, black-eyed peas, rice, green beans, and a wee bit of BBQ chicken.

This week, Mrs. FC took a chunk of roast and made an amazing roast beef. I didn't make this, so sorry, no recipe here.
I did eat it though. It was tender with a rich dark brown, winey sauce, and a wonderful fresh basil-garlic coating across the top.

Oh my goodness, it was delicious ... and the whole house smelled amazing too.

There's my plate steaming and about to disappear.
... I think two plates actually disappeared with my help.

This was an experiment of hers. That filling is blackberry.

It was good, we thought it needed a little something ... maybe a higher fruit to dough ratio.
I enjoyed it with coffee ... it was reminescent of a scone ... only different.

That's a sampling of recent foodological events from the PFHQ kitchen.

What's your latest experiment?


John Rife said...

I love you more and more. Just saw your Close Shave post and then popped over here. I'm a man and the head cook in the family and feel like it was my rightful place to not only bring home the bacon but to also fry it up. Let Kamrin clean the dishes - she don't mind :) But all that to say I love the site and the concept and have subscribed and look forward to the next post. Cheers.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks! And Welcome to Pure Florida!
Are you telling me you get out of cleaning the kitchen if you cook?
I have to share this info with Mrs. FC!