Sunday, January 7, 2007


Confession: I love a good hot dog.
The best one I ever had was in Seattle at a bayside stand called Frankfurters back in 1982. I'm not sure if it was the cool Pacific mist, my cute traveling companion, the actual cooking method, or a combination of the three, but that was the tastiest hot dog ever.
These days I limit hot dogs to rare treats. I'm a sucker for the hot dogs at Sam's and have been known to schedule a shopping trip there to coincide with lunch time.
That said, I probably eat no more than 10 hotdogs in a year's time.
Self discipline.
When I do enjoy one at home, I try and balance out the plate with some healthy goodies to counteract all the negative aspects of a tube steak.
It may or may not equal out, but I do enjoy the hot dog more.Posted by Picasa


Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

hot dos are event foods the greater the event the better the taste sxcept when they are green. in chicago there were many hot dog stands now they are burreto ones. If tou get a green one here it could be the sause

charless said...

Dog Et Al Tallahassee
and read the reviews. Next time you're in Tallahassee, it's 10 blocks south of the capitol.

Be warned, it does get crowded at lunchtime.